Newsletter Agosto 2022

Newsletter GMAnapoli – August 2022

Back to School in Shashamane (Ethiopia)

It’s time to celebrate in Shashamane:  in the video, the children and Father Ytagesu greet all of you as supporters and friends of GMAnapoli, and they are grateful because they are happy to return to school.


EDUCATION is a basic necessity, just like BREAD and HEALTH:  basic needs that, today more than ever, are simply an illusion in poor countries.



Even in the women’s prison at Shashamane the children are celebrating the beginning of the new school year:

Sister Sara writes to us that, thanks to GMA’s commitment to training in the Shashamane prison, many of the inmates who are mothers have had their prison sentences reduced.

We are certain that there will be a REBIRTH towards a better life for all of those women and their children.

In the photo we note lots of new little ones:  are best wishes are also with them for hope and education.

Help us to help them!


STORIES ABOUT THE CHILDREN… from the Summer School


At Shashamane “our” children (yours and mine) confide in each other and share the academic successes they have achieved, thanks to the educational support received during the Summer School session which, of course, also included play time and meals.


Between the lines of their stories, we note their pain with reference to the ongoing war in Ethiopia and the major food shortage.



She is H.A.  She’s 12 years old and attends the 6.a. class.

She’s an only child and lives alone with her mother because her father is absent and therefore cannot support her financially.

Her mother works as a cleaning lady and earns very little, which means that H.A. finds herself in a difficult situation.

Her favorite subject is English and with the Summer School she has improved her skills.

She hopes in the future to be able to continue her studies in order to help her mother and other poor people.


He is A.E.  He’s 10 years old and lives with his family.

His mother is a housewife and his father is unemployed but, whenever possible, he does cleaning work at the bus station.

A.E. has problems with his teeth. But above all he has problems with his back since he suffers from a serious case of kyphoscoliosis for which he receives medical treatment.

The Summer School has helped him to fill in the gaps in his knowledge of mathematics.


He enjoys all of his school subjects and in the future he hopes to become a doctor.

She is S.D. She’s 12 years old and attends the 5.a. class.

She lives with her mother; her father is deceased.

Her mother works as a cook at the local Catholic church.

Thanks to the Summer School, she has shown improvement in subjects where she previously had deficiencies.  She has no health problems.

Her favorite subject is biology and in the future, she would like to become a doctor.



The approach that keeps us going is that of a true voluntary spirit.
In November our volunteers will depart for a mission, fully aware that it will not be a vacation but rather a time for STUDY, UNDERSTANDING, and WORK.

Keep updated via our daily trip journal which will be published on our site and social media!




The next Executive Board meeting will be held on 3 September with the following agenda:

• Approval of the minutes of the previous E.B. meeting held on 7 May 2022

• Updates from Ethiopia

• Planning for “Giving Day” to be held on 23 October

• Participation in the dinner/show event taking place on 17 September

• Trip to Ethiopia during the first 10 days of November

• Update on the current financial/management situation

• Various other items


We are always happy to bring your suggestions and proposals to the Executive Board for consideration.

Dinner/Show Event 17 September

Organized by our members Raffaele and Amalia.  

Entertainment for the evening will be provided by Amedeo Colella and Alan De Luca.

You are all invited to attend and please bring your friends too!

To make a reservation, please call GMA at 081 8043778 or mobile:  +39 331 2704165

Donations received will benefit needy children supported by GMAnapoli.

“GIFT DAY” 23 OCTOBER from 10:00 – 16:00

Our offices will be open to our members, friends, and supporters on the occasion of national “GIFT DAY”.

We invite you all to participate and to bring a gift (i.e., school items to be donated in Ethiopia and to the needy children of Licola Mare).


“… So that each person may pass to others the goodness of their thoughts which materialize into action…”

(From the writings of Saint Augustine)


We need your help:  TO ENSURE…  TO ENCOURAGE

5x1000 donations in support of GMA Napoli