Newsletter July 2022


Newsletter July - GMAnapoli


"We are all brothers"




Due to global climate change, severe drought, and winds of war – masses of people are moving in search of a better life.

And we… what are we doing ?


Let’s do all we can to help each other !







On 10 July we celebrated in our headquarters office the 10th anniversary of the founding of GMA Napoli, although we have been working in support of Africa ever since the 1960’s as GMA of Montagnana.


It was a real celebration, reviewing the video which showed just how much progress we have been able to achieve over the years with your help.   Many of us were present at the hq, but together with us there were all of you:  those who through the years have shared our dreams and have contributed to the positive results which we have achieved on behalf of the most vulnerable in Ethiopia.   


Special Guest at GMA


Almea, Father Leonardo, and Father Abraham enriched us with their presence and with their stories at our offices in Licola… and they allowed us to see first-hand the tragic situation taking place in Ethiopia:  schools are closed, foster homes are struggling, so many children are abandoned to the streets – and all of this can be traced back to the reduction in donations destined for solidarity in Africa.  Covid continues there as well, but it’s the least of their problems. 


We do our best to help, but the real heroes are those who live day by day in the field, confronted with the same problems which the Ethiopian people experience daily. 





At Shashamane the children continue to learn by playing…

Tariku updates us on the summer activities of the children which we support.


We are happy to be able to provide supplemental classes, recreational activities, and one meal per day to our children (and yours). This project represents an alternative for our children who otherwise would be destined to work in the fields or in the local markets.   There is no summer “vacation” for them. 


GMA napoli, CSV and Suor Orsola Benincasa in collaboration



On 21 June, Marisa and Rossella (GMA Napoli voluntary workers) were present at the initiative promoted by CSV napoli, to direct students towards a path of voluntary service.   We welcome Brigida, a student intern who has recently joined our team.




We need your help:  TO ENSURE…  TO ENCOURAGE

5x1000 donations in support of GMA Napoli








In Ethiopia we say:

The young person walks fast, but the old person knows his way around.  

(24 Luglio - Giornata Mondiale dei nonni e degli anziani)