Our story begins in 1968 when Nunzia and Pier Augusto, later founders of GMA Napoli OdV-ETS, meet while teaching as volunteers at the University of Asmara. GMA Napoli, an acronym for “Gruppo Missione Alem” (“world” in the Amharic language of Ethiopia), is a non-profit organization working in a family atmosphere, well-structured, and founded on the commitment and passion of each of its members.

All of us believe in a more just world and our goal is to break the circle of poverty through education and defense of the most vulnerable in society: women and children. Our main tool is Child Sponsorship (SaD), with which we guarantee dignity and love to those who no longer have hope.

GMA’s commitment goes beyond SaD in Ethiopia with projects for: Water, Health, Women’s Promotion, and Schools.

GMA Napoli is a secular Voluntary Organization (OdV-ETS) registered in the ROA (Register of the Accredited Voluntary Organizations) with registration number N. 96 dated 18Dec2012 and enrolled in the Regional Register with N. 1909, under decree n. 266 dated 17Dec2013.

GMA Napoli operates within the Ethiopian communities of Halaba, Hosanna, and Shashamane for over 15 years. The mission of the organization is to highlight the cultural and social heritage of Ethiopia, and to promote the integral development of the individual, based on his fundamental rights. GMA’s main tool is SaD – Child Sponsorship – with which it’s possible to guarantee medical treatment, education, and training for women and children.

GMA Napoli supports various microprojects in the most diverse sectors (water, reforestation, healthcare, women, and education), actively contributing to economic and individual self-determination. In Italy, the attention of the association is focused on spreading knowledge of others by collaborating with schools at all levels, parishes, and associations in the local area.

What we do

Child Sponsorship, where children are placed in schools, prioritizing education to ensure a brighter future for them, or for entire families in need.

Education for Development (EaS), bringing to the schools, in Italy in Africa, the knowledge of others through testimonies and use of specific educational materials.

Social welfare works such as the construction and maintenance of wells and cisterns, schools, healthcare facilities, women’s promotion centers, and foster homes.

Training and qualification of teachers and medical personnel, via professional volunteers. Training activities and microcredits to achieve self-development of women head-of-households.

Why we chose Ethiopia

Because it’s at the top of the list of the poorest countries in the world, with a per capita income of below 1$ per day.

Because child exploitation and hunger are daily threats in the lives of so many children.

Because women, in this country, are the engine of society and represent the change needed for a better future!

Because we want a change of mentality in the “rich” part of the world, for a more equitable distribution of wealth, to achieve TRUE sharing, which will allow even a beautiful territory like Africa to rise up again with the strength to stand on its own.

How are our projects funded?

  • Via Child Sponsorship, either of individual children or entire family units (300€ per year, i.e. less than 1€ per day, paid through bank transfer or postal account, click here).
  • Self-taxation and collection of donations among friends and supporters.
  • Organizing solidarity events.
  • Sales of wedding favors and online sales of Ethiopian products.
  • Project presentations to organizations and institutions.

Where we operate