Africa is thirsty: WATER please!

GMA Naples proposes this project to improve the life of school children: WATER IS LIFE! This project aims to provide water in schools: water harvesting or connection with the main public aqueduct

Women Promotion Center (WPC)

Training and education are provided for women to become self-sufficient in crafts and in life. Kindergarten is provided for young children living with their mothers in Women Prisons.

What a life without school?

Education is among children primary needs: that's why we need new classrooms. The objective of this project is to give education and BETTER JOBS in the future, to needy children sponsored by GMA.

Foster Homes for street children

In the streets of large cities of Ethiopia, you may find homeless children and young mothers begging for food. We aim to ensure shelter, health, education AND... to give a chance for a better future.

Sostegno Casa Famiglia Hosanna

Le nostre splendide e povere ragazze ospiti della Casa Famiglia Bruh Alem opera Bianca D'Aponte ad Hosanna - Etiopia